Audiovisual Lessons :: Nursery to Class 10

MiDas eCLASS   -   Student Edition (On Windows Computer)

Curriculum Based Animated Tutorial Videos & Interactive Games

MiDas eCLASS - Student Edition has been launched for children to study and learn outside school. Everyone is aware that kids these days love to spend time in digital devices than in books; and this has become a major concern for parents. Children study in an audiovisual medium at school and find it difficult to study when they have to open up their books at home. This software contains curriculum based interactive audiovisual games that can be installed on your desktop or laptop which can be used by your children anywhere and everywhere during any hour without any disturbances in their own home.

Our software enables an easy and quick help for students who wants to learn no matter where they are. The possibilities are endless for a student to learn through MiDas eCLASS and we have added platforms where they can enjoy the content and learn at the same time.